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There are tons of misconceptions about different countries and nationalities that many people still believe. For example, a lot of people think that Russia is always cold, that people in Spain constantly eat paella, and that people in Peru have llamas as pets. But these things are simply not true. So, Reddit users decided to reveal which stereotypes about their countries are completely false.


Greece 希臘



© faded1103

Multiple YouTubers, when they heard about Greece, they were like, “Is this still a country?” or even “What is it?” Everyone else thinks that we only eat Greek yogurt, feta, olives, drink wine, and use olive oil. Oh, and that we dance and break plates all day long. We most definitely do not do that.


Peru 秘魯



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People actually think we have llamas as pets and live in huts.


Spain 西班牙



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Not everyone in Spain dances flamenco, bullfighting is not that popular, and we don’t eat paella every day.


© KatKume

That we have a “siesta” every day. It’s not true, sometimes we have 2. Joking, I never have a nap after lunch, but it’s true that most of the old people do.


© KatKume

Normally most shops are closed from 12/1 PM to 4/5 PM, so you have time to go home, have lunch with your family, and take a nap before returning to your job. I would say that this is because of the temperature. In the middle of the day, it is SO hot in the summer that is impossible to do anything, so people take refuge in the shadows during these hours. In fact, during all of August, the whole country is completely paralyzed and nearly nobody is working. Just the touristic places are open, but most factories and companies close for the whole month. Now that I think about it, I always thought that it was like that all over the world.


Estonia 愛沙尼亞



© IamNameuser

People think that either we are all Russians, everyone speaks Russian, or our language and culture are very similar to Russian. All of these are false, most young people can barely say a few swear words in Russian and the older generation only knows some because they were under Soviet rule in their youth. Others believe that the Baltic states share the same culture and language. Estonian is a completely separate language, most closely tied to Finnish and little bit to Hungarian (Latvian and Lithuanian are in a completely different language tree). Some people also seem to have the idea that we live in a post-Soviet dystopian world which is underdeveloped, with no internet, and no clean water; while Estonia is actually one of the most developed IT countries in the world (and we have plenty of water, not to worry).


Ethiopia 埃塞俄比亞



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People think our country full of hungry people.


© lildonut_

Living in Ethiopia currently — it has one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now, has recently appointed its first female president, and is experiencing a large amount of infrastructural growth! Of course, the rural areas are still facing a myriad of health, nutrition, and water issues, but the country is in a really progressive upswing. Pretty exciting.


Kenya 肯尼亞



© Fellsong

People have somehow got it into their heads that this country is made up of wild animals and runners.


Austria 奧地利



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It is amazing how many people confuse Austria and Australia. (for those that just had to read that sentence twice.)


© jamiefstr

We don’t run around in lederhosen* all year round and drink beer all day. Also, 99% of the people here can’t yodel. And even though we’re known for the Alps, not all of Austria has high mountains. We don’t have kangaroos, we’re truly sorry for Hitler, and we try to make people think he’s German.


Romania 羅馬尼亞



© Jvartim

That Romania is full of gypsies when in fact, they make up about 3% of the population.


The Czech Republic 捷克共和國



© Proton555

Some people still think we are Czechoslovakia, we split in 1993.


Liechtenstein 列支敦斯登



© Calvyam

“Wait, what’s that? Is it a city?” “No, it’s a small country in between Switzerland and Austria.” The only thing we have going for us is that half the world doesn’t even know we exist “等一下,這是啥?是個城市嗎?”“不,它是瑞士和奧地利之間的一個小國。”大概我們唯一的優勢就是,世界上有一半的人甚至不知道我們的存在。

Mongolia 蒙古



© orchlon

No, we don't still live in yurts and ride horses every day.


Indonesia 印度尼西亞



© geniusretardFC

Tourists always think Bali is a country.


Which popular stereotypes about countries can you easily prove wrong?